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His Superfluous Excellency

Power corrupts.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely. South Carolina State Senate president pro tempore Glenn McConnell demonstrates this little maxim quite well. I heard it told back during the gubernatorial campaign that Senator Glenn McConnell had no interest in being Governor of South Carolina because he didn’t want to give up any power as Senate […]

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The Tea Party is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party

  by Karen Martin of the Spartanburg Tea Party.  Re-posted with permission.   We’ve visited this subject a few times here on the blog. We’ve heard local talk radio, thinking THEY know what the Tea Party is all about ask “Where are the rallies?” I’ve chimed in a few times to educate folks that the […]

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Our Not-So-Conservative Budget

by Senator Tom Davis, used by permission. Originally published in The Sun News. You know it is early summer in the Palmetto State when our politicians start bragging about how conservative they’ve been with your tax dollars. You know the drill: The South Carolina General Assembly passes a budget larger than the previous year’s and […]

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Glenn McConnell’s Plot To Replace Ard— With Someone Else

by Working Tommy C, reposted with persmission from The latest machinations of the powers that be in Columbia have members of the SC Senate rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation. Once again, it looks like the leadership will be flouting the law… … in order to both exert their corrupt influence and maintain their […]

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Spartanburg Six – Round Three

This is the third weekend of the Spartanburg voter education initiative. Remember, the South Carolina’s Educational Opportunity Act, H.3407, was defeated in the SC House of Representatives by a vote of 60 – 59. Six Spartanburg County Republicans joined Forty-four Democrats to kill the bill. Please join local grass roots leaders and activists as they […]

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Harrell and Leatherman are going down!

I love this Jamie Walton cartoon!  The voters will certainly take them down.  At $22 billion dollars, Senator Hugh Leatherman and Speaker Bobby Harrell orchestrated the largest spending budget in our state’s history. With unemployment sky high, Leatherman had the audacity to kill an amendment to the state budget that would have returned excess collections […]

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Landess: Low spending, low taxes? Don’t be fooled

By ASHLEY LANDESS Legislative leaders are busy spinning their new budget as “fiscally conservative.” Taxpayers shouldn’t be fooled. What’s really true? At around $22 billion, this year’s budget is the largest in state history. Spending grew by almost $1 billion. Lawmakers funded much of state government with hidden taxes through fees. More than a third […]

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Introducing Palmetto Liberty PAC

A turf war In 1964 Ronald Reagan gave a speech endorsing Barry Goldwater for president. I recommend that you follow the above link and listen to it. He said, “You and I are told increasingly that we have to choose between a left or right, but I would like to suggest that there is no […]

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