Spartanburg Six – Round Three

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This is the third weekend of the Spartanburg voter education initiative.

Remember, the South Carolina’s Educational Opportunity Act, H.3407, was defeated in the SC House of Representatives by a vote of 60 – 59. Six Spartanburg County Republicans joined Forty-four Democrats to kill the bill.

Please join local grass roots leaders and activists as they organize visits to the homes of Spartanburg voters in an effort to make sure they know how their representative voted on this bill.

This weekend we will be working in Representative Mike Forrester’s district.

We’ll be meeting in a empty parking lot at 1410-A John B White Sr. Blvd. at 8:30 on the morning of July 16. They are closed on Saturdays so we won’t be interfering with their clients, and there is a nice spot in the back of the building we can assemble and organize.

So you know the drill.  Please let Karen Martin know that you’ll be able to help distribute flyers to Mike Forrester’s primary voters.  You can call her at 864.384.7558 or send an email to  We’ve had PLENTY of help the last two weekends we went out, 35 and 39 people!  If we have 20 to 25 people to finish this last district we’ll take a break until the Fall.

Don’t you think a parent knows what kind of education is best for their child? If you support a parent’s right to choose the best education for their child, then come join the fun.   We need as many people as possible to help canvass Spartanburg county with Voter Education flyers regarding the vote to kill H3407.

We’ll be meeting in a empty parking lot at 1410-A John B White Sr. Blvd. at 8:30 on the morning of July 16.

Spartanburg County is the key to winning the battle for school choice.

The Spartanburg Six:

  • Rita Allison
  •  Doug Brannon
  •  Derham Cole
  •  Mike Forrester
  •  Steve Parker and
  • Eddie Tallon …

joined 44 Obama Democrats to defeat the SC School Choice bill for our children.  These six represent voters like you who support school choice. We need to make sure all their constituents know how they voted this time… so these constituents can contact their representatives and encourage them to support school choice next time.

Several of The Spartanburg Six sent the exact same email in answer to frustrated voters, “I did not support H.3407 because of its fiscal impact …” and they used an approximate $64M cost to support their no vote.  They neglected to mention that the report they are quoting from shows a $66M SAVINGS, for a net savings to taxpayers of $2M from the school choice bill they defeated.

Well perhaps it WAS about the money.

With several of The Spartanburg Six taking campaign contributions from the South Carolina Education Association (SCEA) and the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA), it becomes clear who they are getting their direction from… it is not the families like yours who want the freedom to choose to educate your child by using your own tax-exempt dollars.

So, if you think a parent knows better than a Columbia politician what is the best educational opportunity for their child, join us in handing out voter awareness flyers in Spartanburg county.

Key homes in key districts have been identified to receive these flyers with the facts about the vote to kill the South Carolina Educational Opportunity Act.

We’ll be meeting in a empty parking lot at 1410-A John B White Sr. Blvd. at 8:30 on the morning of July 16. Please R.S.V.P to Karen Martin at

Remember, the taxpayer funded establishment lobbyist won’t stop working against us, so we can’t let up now!

About Talbert Black

Talbert Black Jr is the founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC. His education in state politics & citizen lobbying began in 1999 with his membership in GrassRoots GunRights SC. In 2008 he joined the Campaign for Liberty and within a year he was the Interim State Coordinator for South Carolina. His goal for Palmetto Liberty PAC is to change to composition of South Carolina’s General Assembly so that it consistently supports conservative principles.

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