The Tea Party is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party

Long live the Tea Party
by Karen Martin of the Spartanburg Tea Party.  Re-posted with permission.

We’ve visited this subject a few times here on the blog. We’ve heard local talk radio, thinking THEY know what the Tea Party is all about ask “Where are the rallies?”

I’ve chimed in a few times to educate folks that the Tea Party is engaged, and vibrant, and enthused, and WORKING and thus have no time for rallies.

Alas, the surface fans of the early incarnation of the Tea Party are just that … fans. Not actual trench warriors.

We, the warriors just don’t have time anymore for the rallies which were SO necessary in the early days, but now are just great memories of our bonding and awakening.

Here’s an interesting article by Patrick Tohey at Big Government with one more attempt to explain it all. But what I was really jazzed about were the COMMENTS! You can tell there are folks just like us all over who “get it” and are working in their communities the same way we are working in Spartanburg and the Upstate! Here are a few:

Rallies were just the spark of the Patriotic Inferno that is coming.

How can the Tea Party be dead when even Democrats, in their vain effort to sound rational, quote Reagan.

Tea Party folks are BUSY. Working to pay taxes, care for family and attempting to enjoy life. There is not a lot of time to go to events. They do read and are very aware or what is going on in the Nations CESSPOOL DC. The TEA Party does not respond well to being told what to do by those who assume they control us. We will roar back in Q2 of 2012. We will work on our local level till we can make a major impact again next year.

It’s far from dead. The ideals of the Tea Party are more resonant and mainstream than ever. Harry Reid is proposing a bill with no tax hikes. What more evidence do you need?

So those outside the tea party, those who view the tea party as a series of events, and especially those who have good reason to fear the tea party may continue to pursue the meme that the Tea Party is dead. Or waning. Or losing influence. Let them.

We’ll just keep working.

About Talbert Black

Talbert Black Jr is the founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC. His education in state politics & citizen lobbying began in 1999 with his membership in GrassRoots GunRights SC. In 2008 he joined the Campaign for Liberty and within a year he was the Interim State Coordinator for South Carolina. His goal for Palmetto Liberty PAC is to change to composition of South Carolina’s General Assembly so that it consistently supports conservative principles.

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