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2011 Palmetto Liberty Score Cards

Palmetto Liberty PAC just released the 2011 South Carolina House and Senate score cards! You can see them at Palmetto Liberty is working to make South Carolina the most free state in the nation. What does it mean to be the most free state in the  nation?  It means having both the lowest taxes […]

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Health Care – Are YOU Worth the Cost?

This short video, “Are YOU Worth the Cost?“, by a real doctor in North Carolina demonstrates the real problem with any Government Health Care Plan.  The bottom line… the final question… is, “Are you worth the cost?”. Do you want some bureaucrat answering that question for you? Oppose all government managed health care plans!  Arguing […]

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Back Door Power Abuse; The I-95 Corridor Authority

How does an obscure study by on out of state think tank become the law of the land? In South Carolina, Hugh Leatherman teams up with his Democratic buddies to create a new government agency tasked with implementing it, that’s how! You read that right!  Republican (in name at least) Hugh Leatherman teamed up with […]

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