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Bill Would Put More Teeth, Transparency in Incentives Deals

If you ask S.C. Rep. Thad Viers, he’ll tell you that it was mainly for philosophical reasons that he voted earlier this year against offering a controversial state sales-tax collection exemption to Internet retail giant “My philosophy is that I don’t think government should pick winners or losers in the marketplace,” the Horry County Republican […]

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RINO Hunt Newsletter 26 December 2011

Editor’s note: RINO Hunt was founded by Palmetto Liberty board member Harry Kibler.  If you are interested in learning more about RINO Hunt, attending a meeting, or starting your own chapter contact Harry at December 26, 2011 New RINO Hunt Chapter RINO Hunt is pleased to announce our newest chapter in Horry County.  Our […]

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Faith in Government?

Dear Friend of South Carolina, The good news is we almost have the votes needed to stop one of the biggest increases in government control and authority in a generation! The bad news is we still have too many Republicans members of the South Carolina House who put their faith in government. The vote on […]

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In with the new

Out with the old!  In with the new! Senator Nikki Setzler has been “serving” in the South Carolina Senate since 1977. He was elected when bell bottom jeans, tie died t-shirts, and VW vans with flowers painted on the side were the rage! His campaign literature calls him a “caring conservative”! Is he really?  Let’s […]

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Palmetto Liberty endorses Deedee Vaughters for Senate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, December 21, 2011 Contact: Talbert Black, Jr. 803-767-1152   Palmetto Liberty PAC endorses Deedee Vaughters for State Senate. –Nikki Setzler’s challenger picks up early endorsement. Today, Talbert Black Jr, founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC, announced the PAC’s endorsement of Deedee Vaughters for state Senate district 26. Vaughters is challenging longtime […]

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Jake Knotts a Crony?

Jake Knotts puts the “crony” into “crony capitalism.” This time, Jake Knotts is dreaming of his own Solyndra boondoggle.  And, of course, the RINO senator is in bed with Democrats on this scam, too–fellow SC Senator Phil Leventis for one. With big government, big spenders like that as friends,  why does he even bother to […]

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Restructuring: Lots of Talk, Little Action

“Restructuring” might have been the buzzword of this year’s legislative session, but in the end, there was a whole lot of talk – and even an emergency S.C. Supreme Court ruling – with no concrete results. Take the State Agency Restructuring Study Committee, for example. The 12-member legislative committee was created by a proviso (89.136) […]

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Legislators Exempt Themselves from Sunshine Law

When it comes to releasing public emails and other internal communications, the governor’s office isn’t the only place that likes to play secrecy games. In fact, for more than 30 years, state law has shielded the S.C. General Assembly from releasing documents showing what it does behind the scenes. The Nerve got a first taste of the special […]

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Financial Coercion

How the federal government decides who receives unemployment benefits Last month, we highlighted various ways in which South Carolina finds itself using state tax dollars for federal priorities. Usually what happens is this: The federal government promises the state money on the condition that the state pay a sizeable proportion of the costs, and state […]

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Who is pulling the strings?

More than a third of our budget depends on a source that’s headed for financial ruin. The federal government is now $14 trillion in debt and running a $1.3 trillion deficit. That’s bad news for South Carolina. In 2011, South Carolina lawmakers passed a budget that was 39 percent federal money. South Carolina raked in […]

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