Minions or Heroes?

minions for leatherman

Friends of South Carolina,

Today, I don’t have time to write much, so this is short and to the point.

Below is a list of eleven Representatives.

Are they heroes for the people of South Carolina?

Are they minions of Leatherman and Harrell?

Who can tell?

I only ask, because they have not made a commitment to sustain the Governor’s veto of the I-95 Corridor Authority.

Those who are following this know the Authority will perhaps be the biggest growth in South Carolina government intervention in a generation.

But, if you need to know more, you can read the details by following this link.

Until they make a stand against the I-95 Corridor Authority, I’m counting them as minions!

These aren’t the only minions, but the following eleven are sometimes mistaken as heroes of the people.

Nine even scored a B on a popular conservative score card.

I want to make sure you are aware that they have yet to take a stand.

In my experience, that means they are planning to vote for the other side.

By refusing to take a stand to support the governor’s veto, they leave their allegiance in question.

Contact them and let them know they are making a big mistake!

Encourage them to stand and be counted as a representative of the people!

Be polite!  But be firm!

From Laurens County:

From Anderson County:

  • Don Bowen (864) 287-2009
  • Ann Thayer (864) 224-2919

From Aiken County:

From Sumter County:

From Darlington County:

  • Jay Lucas (843) 383-9421

From Florence County:

From Horry County:

From Lexington County

The vote is scheduled for January 10, opening day of session.

That’s only one week away!

Contact them today.

Best regards,

Talbert Black, Jr.

P.S.  Are the above listed Representatives the minions of Leatherman and Harrell?  They refuse to take a stand against the I-95 Corridor Authority!  Contact them today and tell them they are making a mistake.  They must take a stand and let their constituents know whose side they are on!  The people?  Leatherman and Harrell?  Who knows?

Update: Since posting this article on the evening of Jan 2 and sending the accompanying e-blast early morning Jan 3 I have received written commitments from four of the below listed representatives.  Mike Pitts, Ann Thayer, Don Bowen, and Roland Smith have all made written commitments to support the veto.  I have word of a verbal commitment from another, but verbal commitments from a politician… well, I don’t count them. –TB 1/4/12

About Talbert Black

Talbert Black Jr is the founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC. His education in state politics & citizen lobbying began in 1999 with his membership in GrassRoots GunRights SC. In 2008 he joined the Campaign for Liberty and within a year he was the Interim State Coordinator for South Carolina. His goal for Palmetto Liberty PAC is to change to composition of South Carolina’s General Assembly so that it consistently supports conservative principles.

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