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Republican in South Carolina?

Editors note:  The following was written by Brit Adams, a grass roots activist from Oconee County who keeps the so called Republicans from the Golden Corner of the state busy.  Republished with permission. What is it to be a Republican in South Carolina? I contend the Republican Party has strayed so far from the platform […]

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Property Theives Sneaking Back In

Remember the bill I told you about a couple of weeks ago, H4628, that would allow the city to take your property, give it to a receiver, and bill you for their cost of fixing it up? You did a great job putting the brakes on it!  But we are not out of danger yet! […]

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Common Core coming

More out-of-state regulation. Less control of our own destiny. Less parental influence and control. That is how the Common Core State Standards will change South Carolina’s public education. More teaching to “the test.” Less education. More Bureaucracy. These things will improve neither your child’s education nor his opportunities for success. S604 will block implementation of […]

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Horry County’s anti-gun ordinance

Horry County Council wants to stop your target practice within 900 feet of any residence! That’s the word I’m getting. Scheduled for 5 PM, Thursday, March 22nd, the Public Safety Committee will consider an ordinance to regulate the discharge of firearms.  If you can, go the meeting and make sure they kill this thing! According […]

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Knott’s blocking 2nd amendment bill – Katrina on attack

I just received the following from the Katrina Shealy campaign.  I wanted to share it with you and encourage you to donate!  We need a true 2nd amendment supporter to replace Senator Knotts.  His subcommittee is where all good gun bills go to die! Read this message from the Katrina Shealy campaign: Recently a bill […]

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Property Thieves and Legal Plunder

  Imagine this: A thief steals your property deed, makes improvements to your property, sells it, doesn’t make back his cost plus 10% for profit, then sends you a bill for the difference … and a judge orders you to pay it. Sound preposterous? Well, if a proposed bill in South Carolina’s General Assembly passes, […]

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RINO Hunting in Charleston

For Immediate Release: RINO Hunt expands in Charleston The founder of RINO Hunt met with dozens of Charleston residents this weekend. Charleston, SC, March 12, 2012 Coinciding with upcoming elections, RINO Hunt will work together with other local activists to have our agenda voiced in the primary process. Several meetings were held in Charleston and […]

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