Horry County’s anti-gun ordinance

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Horry County Council wants to stop your target practice within 900 feet of any residence!

That’s the word I’m getting.

Scheduled for 5 PM, Thursday, March 22nd, the Public Safety Committee will consider an ordinance to regulate the discharge of firearms.  If you can, go the meeting and make sure they kill this thing!

According to a copy of the proposed ordinance that has been leaked out 900 feet is the distance you will need to be from any residence before you can discharge your firearm.

I taught my son’s to shoot while sitting on the back porch of our home… safely, with the rifle pointed away from the home and toward a safely constructed target.

Yet, if a rifle is pointed toward a home, 900 feet is not nearly far enough away.Target practice

It goes to show the ignorance and futility of such an ordinance.

It protects no one!

And it makes it more difficult for anyone to safely train with their own weapon in the safety of their own property.

We know that regular self-imposed training is the only way to make gun safety a habit.

There is no schedule of government training, nor government imposed limitations that will make us safer.

A well-armed society free of government limitations on gun ownership and usage is the only way to maintain a safe society.

If Horry County passes this ordinance, your county won’t be far behind.

So, if you live in Horry County, give your councilman a call and tell him to vote no to this Anti-Training Gun Ordinance.

And, if Harold Worley is your councilman, make sure you contact him.  Sources say he is the source of this infringement on your ability to train on your own property.

He can be reached at 843-249-1436 and hworley@odresort.com according to his web site.

And if you don’t live in Horry County, be sure to let any friends and family in and around Horry County know what is coming!

A loss of gun freedom in any county will lead to a loss of gun freedom in all counties.

Best regards,


Talbert Black Jr

P.S. Remember, Horry County Council will be considering an ordinance to restrict the discharge of firearms near a residence.  900 feet is the limiting distance according to a copy of the ordinance that has been leaked.  The Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear this ordinance on Thursday, March 22nd at 5PM.  Call your councilman today and tell him to vote no.  Then go to the committee meeting and make sure they kill this Anti-Training Gun Ordinance.

And if you haven’t already, sign this petition to demand constitutional carry in South Carolina.  We shouldn’t have to ask permission to exercise our God given right to carry a weapon to defend ourselves!


About Talbert Black

Talbert Black Jr is the founder of Palmetto Liberty PAC. His education in state politics & citizen lobbying began in 1999 with his membership in GrassRoots GunRights SC. In 2008 he joined the Campaign for Liberty and within a year he was the Interim State Coordinator for South Carolina. His goal for Palmetto Liberty PAC is to change to composition of South Carolina’s General Assembly so that it consistently supports conservative principles.

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