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What will Larry Martin do?

South Carolina State Senator Larry Martin is in a position to make or break the Freedom of Information Act Sunshine bill, H3235. It is in his Judiciary Committee.  He controls what is on the agenda and what is not. In fact, it was reported that when the subcommittee chair was asked about setting up a […]

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Peter for House

Many of you have seen this video of Peter vonLehe Ruegner filing his paperwork to run against the establishment favorite Chip Limehouse for SC House seat 110. If you haven’t, you need to watch it now. It is very revealing! You will see firsthand how the establishment works to protect itself. Peter was documenting his […]

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Attorney General opinion regarding Petition Candidates

There was some concern about some language in the South Carolina Supreme Court ruling that could be interpreted to prevent any candidate that was ruled ineligible to appear on the June 12 primary from running as a petition candidate on the November gerneral election ballot as well. So, the Attorney General of South Carolina was […]

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Lin Bennett – Guard dog for the establishment

Here’s the proof, in technicolor! Lin Bennett, first vice chair of the state Republican Party and chairman of the Charleston Republican party IS the guard dog for the incumbents. Watch the video below and then tell me… have you ever seen a harder press to keep someone from challenging one of the establishment? Peter is […]

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Will Sunshine die of inaction in the SC Senate?

There are only two more weeks left before our state Legislature goes home for the year! If the South Carolina Senate doesn’t pass H3235, the Freedom of Information Act Sunshine bill, by then we’ll have to start all over again in January from square one! They will continue to legally be able to ignore your […]

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Endorsements announced at Operation Lost Vote Presser

I haven’t had time to “pretty this up”, but for those who are interested in what was said at the Columbia Operation Lost Vote  presser, here are my raw notes. Press Conference Corruption – The Center for Public Integrity gave South Carolina a grade of “F” in eight categories including: judicial accountability, state civil service […]

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Operation Lost Vote

Editor’s note: Locations for Myrtle Beach and Charleston were changed at 1:45 PM Sunday. Another Editor’s note: Aiken was added to the list of coordinated press conferences at 3:20 PM Sunday. PRESS ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 11 May 2012 Contact: Harry Kibler 864.313.8615   Grassroots Organizations to Launch Operation Lost Vote Groups Responding to […]

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Solum Resigns From Lexington GOP to Fight Establishment

Summer Solum announced her resignation as 1st Vice Chair of the Lexington GOP on Monday May 7th. I am resigning my position as 1st Vice Chair of the Lexington GOP, effective immediately, because I am angry and disgusted with the political maneuvering that has surrounded the recent SC Supreme Court decision concerning candidate eligibility. I […]

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Would you treat cancer with Tylenol only?

It’s not enough! It is like treating cancer with Tylenol®. Though it is a good start in the right direction, we can’t stop with S1512. More than 100 candidates who were challenging incumbents have been ruled ineligible by the South Carolina Supreme Court and have been kicked off the ballot…  all for a paperwork technicality. […]

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No Challengers Allowed

The sound of cronyism and the good ole boy system was heard from Charleston to Pickens Counties Wednesday with the decision of the South Carolina Supreme Court.  As described by The State newspaper, “Up to 100 candidates ordered off June Ballots.  Decision sweeps away many challengers, but largely spares incumbents in June races”. What Happened? Within […]

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