Operation Lost Vote

Operation Lost Vote

Editor’s note: Locations for Myrtle Beach and Charleston were changed at 1:45 PM Sunday.

Another Editor’s note: Aiken was added to the list of coordinated press conferences at 3:20 PM Sunday.

11 May 2012
Harry Kibler 864.313.8615


Grassroots Organizations to Launch Operation Lost Vote
Groups Responding to Disenfranchisement of Voters


Columbia, SC – Press conferences are scheduled to be held in the following areas throughout South Carolina on Monday May 14: Horry County, Charleston, Columbia, Spartanburg and York County to announce the launch of Operation Lost Vote.

The Aiken Press Conference is scheduled for 5:30 PM in the parking lot of the Registration & Elections Office at 916 Vaucluse Road   (next to the main Aiken Office Complex 828 Richland Ave, West-Old Aiken Hospital).  Hosted by Dr. Mike Vasovski and others.

The Myrtle Beach press conference is scheduled for 12:15 pm, at Rotelli’s Pizza 201 Graduate Rd. Conway, St, SC. Will be hosted by Horry County RINO Hunt, the Carolina Patriots, and other grassroots organizations.

The Charleston press conference is scheduled for 5:15 pm, at the Charleston County Republican Party Headquarters located at 4952 Centre Point Drive North Charleston. Will be hosted by Harry Kibler (RINO Hunt Founder), RINO Hunt Low Country Chapter, and other grassroots organizations.

The Columbia press conference is scheduled for 12:30 pm, at 1231 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC.  Will be hosted by Talbert Black, Palmetto Liberty PAC, and other grassroots organizations.

The Spartanburg press conference is scheduled for 5:00 pm, at 351 East Henry, Spartanburg, SC 29302.  Will be hosted by Kerry Wood, Greenville 912, Spartanburg Tea Party, and others.

“In light of the recent State Supreme Court ruling which tosses approximately 200 candidates off the ballot over a technicality (not filing a blank paper form in most cases) and disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters, we are working to bring grassroots groups together from across the state for Operation Lost Vote,” stated Harry Kibler, founder of RINO Hunt.

Kibler further stated, “This really seems to prove the recent study by The Center for Public Integrity which gave South Carolina a grade of “F” with a ranking of 45 out of 50 states for the worst public corruption.  We are simply not going to sit by and wait on the same legislative body that created this problem and appointed this court to fix anything as it is clear their intention is to do nothing.  In 1991 we had Operation Lost Trust which uncovered the fact that legislators were selling their votes.  Today we have Operation Lost Vote as the legislators have now stolen our votes.”

Website should be completed in the next couple of days and will launch at www.OperationLostVote.org.

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About Harry Kibler

Harry Kibler is the founder of RINO Hunt, an organization that holds elected Republicans accountable to the party platform. Through RINO Hunt, Harry started Constitution training classes and inspired other organizations throughout South Carolina to do the same. In 1996 Harry’s father passed away as a result of cancer. After losing his father, Harry realized he knew very little about his family heritage and started researching his family tree. The loss of his father and the newly-found knowledge of the sacrifices and service to our nation made by his ancestors created a passion to preserve our freedom. Harry began to study the U.S. Constitution and quickly recognized several areas of concern. He has dedicated his life to the preservation of the document that many men and women have died to protect. In 2010, Harry became a candidate for Greenville County Council and was recently elected First Vice Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party.

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