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RINO HUNT News Letter – 2/27/12

News Letter Reform – Round Two February 27, 2012 RINO Hunt Horry County RINO Hunt had their second monthly meeting in Horry County with a larger and more enthusiastic crowd than last month.  The next meeting will be March 31, 2012. RINO Hunt Charleston County Because there are established RINOs in Charleston County and RINO […]

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Fresh paint over a rotted structure

  Imagine… You hired a contractor to rebuild a dilapidated house that had a crumbling foundation, a sagging roof, and rotted interior. A month later the contractor showed you the house with a new coat of paint and announced that the job was finished. You looked up at the roof.  It was still sagging. You […]

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A Little Detective Work

Friends of South Carolina, Are you ready to shake up our state legislature and the Governor? Do you want to see their knee’s knocking in fear of the voters? Then read on and help us shine some light on the secretive operations of state government! I related in my last post how what we asked […]

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Haley’s Influence on Restructuring

Friends of South Carolina, Much is being made of the restructuring bill that just came out of the Senate, H3066. The Governor and many Senators are claiming victory saying that this is a huge step forward for South Carolina. In fact, the Governor is portraying herself as having fought hard for this victory. The truth […]

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Four heroes made on Wendesday

Friends of South Carolina, From time to time, there are heroes who truly step up and fight for the people. Wednesday was one of those times. Wednesday was the day when our amendment to the restructuring bill, H3066, was to get a vote on the floor of the Senate. We worked hard over the last […]

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Governor Dodging responsibility for ALL procurement

A real quick note… Letter from Gov. Haley asking Senators to vote for amendment 107  <— follow this link to see a letter the governor just passed out to all the Senate. The amendment, 107, that she asks the Senators to support, removes responsibility from the Governor for some of procurement.   She must be responsible […]

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Restructuring Done Wrong

Friends of South Carolina, You know I don’t give anyone a pass. I have to tell it like it is. While everyone is crowing about how great the “Davis” amendment is, I have to tell you the rest of the story. The “Davis” Amendment, A77, should be called the “Swiss Cheese” amendment because it has […]

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Crumbs from your master’s table

Friends of South Carolina, Some people say crumbs from the table are better than nothing at all. Maybe that’s true for some, but when I see much more than crumbs within reach, I won’t settle for crumbs! Yet, crumbs are all that are being offered to us with this government restructuring bill, H3066. Are you […]

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No Frankenstein Bill for Department of Administration

Friends of South Carolina, Now you know that the South Carolina Senate is ignoring you! I’m writing today to tell you what they currently are proposing instead of what you have asked. Frankly it reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster; showing just about the same amount of intelligence. You have repeatedly asked the Senate to […]

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You are being ignored!

Your South Carolina Senator is ignoring you! The Senate has been debating the Department of Administration bill, H3066, for three weeks. It has been amended five times. There has not been one single recorded vote. Thank you for contacting your Senator multiple times to tell him to implement the recommendations of the South Carolina Policy […]

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