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Victory over I-95 Corridor Authority!

You did it again!! Tuesday, January 10th, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to sustain the governor’s veto of the I-95 Corridor Authority.  The vote was 76 – 47. Your emails and phone calls put a stop to one of the largest increases in government control and spending in recent South Carolina history. Remember, […]

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Minions or Heroes?

Friends of South Carolina, Today, I don’t have time to write much, so this is short and to the point. Below is a list of eleven Representatives. Are they heroes for the people of South Carolina? Are they minions of Leatherman and Harrell? Who can tell? I only ask, because they have not made a […]

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Bill Would Put More Teeth, Transparency in Incentives Deals

If you ask S.C. Rep. Thad Viers, he’ll tell you that it was mainly for philosophical reasons that he voted earlier this year against offering a controversial state sales-tax collection exemption to Internet retail giant “My philosophy is that I don’t think government should pick winners or losers in the marketplace,” the Horry County Republican […]

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Faith in Government?

Dear Friend of South Carolina, The good news is we almost have the votes needed to stop one of the biggest increases in government control and authority in a generation! The bad news is we still have too many Republicans members of the South Carolina House who put their faith in government. The vote on […]

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Jake Knotts a Crony?

Jake Knotts puts the “crony” into “crony capitalism.” This time, Jake Knotts is dreaming of his own Solyndra boondoggle.  And, of course, the RINO senator is in bed with Democrats on this scam, too–fellow SC Senator Phil Leventis for one. With big government, big spenders like that as friends,  why does he even bother to […]

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Legislators Exempt Themselves from Sunshine Law

When it comes to releasing public emails and other internal communications, the governor’s office isn’t the only place that likes to play secrecy games. In fact, for more than 30 years, state law has shielded the S.C. General Assembly from releasing documents showing what it does behind the scenes. The Nerve got a first taste of the special […]

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The Columbia two step

The tap dancing has begun! The Palmetto Liberty Score Cards have only been out for a few days and already legislators are trying to “explain” their bad votes. Not unexpected, right? So, I have to tell you about Senator Knotts’ “explanation” about his vote for  the retroactive tax incentive, S533, because I am sure your […]

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SC Legislature Increasing Their Power

Friends of South Carolina, The South Carolina Legislature has created a new agency that will greatly increase their own power and authority. The I-95 Corridor Authority, created by bill S211, will be run by the legislature and will have the authority to, among other things, manage the economy, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and financial structures of […]

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Mammoth New State Agency On The Horizon

Families and businesses are struggling just to make ends meet and reducing expenses in order to survive.  Yet, South Carolina’s state government is creating a new multimillion dollar agency. We have one chance to stop its creation. On June 1st, 2011, the General Assembly ratified the creation of the I-95 Corridor Authority. According to the […]

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Cayce Mafia – Central Planning vs. Free Choice

The “Cayce Mafia” meets every Friday morning at Shoneys at I-26 and Hwy 302.  A free and frank discussion over breakfast. Last week there was a great exploration of the pros and cons of central planning vs. the free market. Should the government be recruiting companies and training people to work for them?  Should we […]

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