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Victory over I-95 Corridor Authority!

You did it again!! Tuesday, January 10th, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to sustain the governor’s veto of the I-95 Corridor Authority.  The vote was 76 – 47. Your emails and phone calls put a stop to one of the largest increases in government control and spending in recent South Carolina history. Remember, […]

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They’re baaack!

Friends of South Carolina, It’s that time again!  Legislators are back in session. Everyone did a good job last year writing emails, calling, and attending legislative sessions!  Now it’s time for another round. S211, the bill creating I-95 Corridor Authority, is on the official House calendar for Tuesday, January 10th. Please call your representative one […]

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Minions or Heroes?

Friends of South Carolina, Today, I don’t have time to write much, so this is short and to the point. Below is a list of eleven Representatives. Are they heroes for the people of South Carolina? Are they minions of Leatherman and Harrell? Who can tell? I only ask, because they have not made a […]

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Faith in Government?

Dear Friend of South Carolina, The good news is we almost have the votes needed to stop one of the biggest increases in government control and authority in a generation! The bad news is we still have too many Republicans members of the South Carolina House who put their faith in government. The vote on […]

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Back Door Power Abuse; The I-95 Corridor Authority

How does an obscure study by on out of state think tank become the law of the land? In South Carolina, Hugh Leatherman teams up with his Democratic buddies to create a new government agency tasked with implementing it, that’s how! You read that right!  Republican (in name at least) Hugh Leatherman teamed up with […]

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SC Legislature Increasing Their Power

Friends of South Carolina, The South Carolina Legislature has created a new agency that will greatly increase their own power and authority. The I-95 Corridor Authority, created by bill S211, will be run by the legislature and will have the authority to, among other things, manage the economy, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and financial structures of […]

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Mammoth New State Agency On The Horizon

Families and businesses are struggling just to make ends meet and reducing expenses in order to survive.  Yet, South Carolina’s state government is creating a new multimillion dollar agency. We have one chance to stop its creation. On June 1st, 2011, the General Assembly ratified the creation of the I-95 Corridor Authority. According to the […]

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