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Harrell’s letter indicates Speaker should resign

Why is Nullification of ObamaCare, H3101, bogged down in a South Carolina House subcommittee dominated by Republicans? Think about it. South Carolina is one of the reddest states in America. We have a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor . . . . . . A Republican Treasurer and Comptroller . . . . . . […]

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Fresh paint over a rotted structure

  Imagine… You hired a contractor to rebuild a dilapidated house that had a crumbling foundation, a sagging roof, and rotted interior. A month later the contractor showed you the house with a new coat of paint and announced that the job was finished. You looked up at the roof.  It was still sagging. You […]

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A Little Detective Work

Friends of South Carolina, Are you ready to shake up our state legislature and the Governor? Do you want to see their knee’s knocking in fear of the voters? Then read on and help us shine some light on the secretive operations of state government! I related in my last post how what we asked […]

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Haley’s Influence on Restructuring

Friends of South Carolina, Much is being made of the restructuring bill that just came out of the Senate, H3066. The Governor and many Senators are claiming victory saying that this is a huge step forward for South Carolina. In fact, the Governor is portraying herself as having fought hard for this victory. The truth […]

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Even the Mighty Good Ones Fall

Friends of South Carolina, Great work preventing a return to the committee report on H3066, the Department of Administration bill! I think we are out of the woods on that one.  Thanks for all your calls and e-mails! Haley has broken her deal with Leatherman, a move that has made him very sore. He has […]

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Restructuring: Lots of Talk, Little Action

“Restructuring” might have been the buzzword of this year’s legislative session, but in the end, there was a whole lot of talk – and even an emergency S.C. Supreme Court ruling – with no concrete results. Take the State Agency Restructuring Study Committee, for example. The 12-member legislative committee was created by a proviso (89.136) […]

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Legislators Exempt Themselves from Sunshine Law

When it comes to releasing public emails and other internal communications, the governor’s office isn’t the only place that likes to play secrecy games. In fact, for more than 30 years, state law has shielded the S.C. General Assembly from releasing documents showing what it does behind the scenes. The Nerve got a first taste of the special […]

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Financial Coercion

How the federal government decides who receives unemployment benefits Last month, we highlighted various ways in which South Carolina finds itself using state tax dollars for federal priorities. Usually what happens is this: The federal government promises the state money on the condition that the state pay a sizeable proportion of the costs, and state […]

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Who is pulling the strings?

More than a third of our budget depends on a source that’s headed for financial ruin. The federal government is now $14 trillion in debt and running a $1.3 trillion deficit. That’s bad news for South Carolina. In 2011, South Carolina lawmakers passed a budget that was 39 percent federal money. South Carolina raked in […]

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